Missa de Sancto Donatiano – Jacob Obrecht


With this CD / DVD we return to the Sint Jacobskerk in Bruges in October 14, 1487, when a mass was held there in memory of fur trader Donaes de Moor with music written especially for the occasion by Jacob Obrecht.

The DVD contains a filmed reenactment of the mass plus an extensive documentary with professor Jennifer Bloxam of Williams College (Massachusetts, USA) and Stratton Bull – artistic director of Cappella Pratensis – filmed on location in Bruges. This CD / DVD was awarded a Diapason d’Or Découverte.



The Missa de Sancto Donatiano was composed by Jacob Obrecht and commissioned by Donaes de Noor’s widow, Adriane Vos. Her image appears on the cover of this album, which is part of the triptych The Lamentation (ca. 1475). The mass was sung for the first time in 1487, in the Sint Jacobskerk in Bruges.

This album not only contains a sound recording of the Missa — performed by Capella Pratensis — but also a reconstruction of the Mass and an extensive documentary about its origins. Filmed on location, the documentary features commentary by Jennifer Bloxam, music professor at Williams College in Massachusetts, and Stratton Bull, artistic director of Cappella Pratensis.

Jacob Obrecht was a Flemish composer and is particularly renowned for his sacred music — his many masses, especially from the late 15th century, and motets — and for his songs. Obrecht has lived and worked in both The Netherlands and Italy.