Friends of Cappella Pratensis Foundation, established in 2004, unites early music lovers who care about the ensemble and the early music it performs. Since its foundation, much has happened. Cappella’s national and international fame has increased enormously, and from 2020 the start of the project “De Bossche Koorboeken” (Den Bosch Choirbooks) will give rise to even more fame.

If you have become enthusiastic after a Cappella Pratensis concert and intend to come and listen more often to a concert of this ensemble, with its characteristic arrangement around one large music stand, please register as a Friend.

If you are a lover of the music of Josquin des Prez (Pratensis) and his contemporaries and of the multicolored cultural life of the Low Countries, we welcome you as a Friend of Cappella Pratensis.

From € 35,- you can become a friend. By becoming a Friend, you contribute to the preservation of this beautiful polyphonic music from the 15th and 16th centuries, which belongs to the most beautiful heritage of Brabant and the Low Countries. You will also be kept informed of the progress of the project “De Bossche Koorboeken”, which was started in 2020. This project involves the digitization and presentation of manuscripts of the masses and motets composed on behalf of the Illustre Lieve Vrouwe Broederschap, (Illustrous Sweet Lady’s Brotherhood) which are bound in the choirbooks on display in the Zwanenbroedershuis in Den Bosch. The Friends Foundation is supporting this wonderful project. For five years, the ensemble will present the results of their study to the public through concerts, recitals and videos. This process can also be followed in the videos on the website.
The Friends of Cappella Pratensis Foundation thus contribute to the preservation of this rich cultural heritage of Brabant. By applying as a Friend, you support this!

As a Friend you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Periodic information about current projects and concerts through the digital Newsletter.
  • Discount on tickets for certain concerts and on CD’s.
  • A timely announcement of all concerts of Cappella Pratensis.
  • The possibility to meet members of the ensemble after concerts.
  • An annual Friends’ Day when the friends meet on the occasion of a special concert.

Would you like to help us preserve this beautiful choral music for future generations? You can support us with a one-time gift, or, and we prefer this, become a Friend of Cappella Pratensis and support us for a number of years.

Register as a Friend by transferring a minimum of € 35 to:
Stichting Vrienden Cappella Pratensis, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands)
IBAN: NL07INGB0005117614

The Friends of Cappella Pratensis Foundation has the ANBI-status at the tax office. This means for tax paying residents in the Netherlands gifts are deductible from the income tax. See how you can benefit from these tax advantages. In order to promote public trust in the philanthropic sector, the Tax Administration expects all ANBI institutions to make various data public via their website. Click here to find our ANBI data.

Finally, here you will find the privacy statement. Here we indicate how we deal with your data.

Board Friends of Cappella Pratensis Foundation
Annemarie van Lith, secretary
Agnes Vugts, Treasurer
Annemarie Hoog Antink
Betsy Raymakers
Karin de Vos

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