‘De Adem uit de Hemel’ – Christmas 2021

Sunday, 12 december 2021 | Grote Kerk, Kerkstraat 20 ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NL) | € 22,00/€ 12,00 | BUY TICKETS

PLEASE NOTE: as a visitor you must have a valid corona access pass. Once inside, we ask you to keep 1,5 meters away from your fellow visitors. The seating capacity is adapted to this.

The Annunciation was early regarded as one of the most fascinating mysteries of the Christian faith. The story, described in the Gospel of Luke, tells how the angel Gabriel announces to the Virgin Mary that she will become pregnant through the afflatus superi flamini, the breath from heaven.

At the heart of this program is Josquin Desprez’s Christmas Ave maris stella, whose 500th anniversary we commemorate this year. This mass is based on a hymn about the mystery of the Annunciation and is interwoven with Gregorian chant and anonymous motets from the precious collection of the Illustre Lieve Vrouwe Broederschap in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Gregoriaans/Guillaume Dufay
Josquin Desprez | hymnus: Ave maris stella
Gregoriaans | introitus: Rorate celi
Josquin Desprez | Missa Ave maris stellla—Kyrie; Gloria
Gregoriaans | graduale: Tollite portas
Gregoriaans | evangelie: Lukas 1:26-38
Josquin Desprez | Missa Ave maris stellla—Credo
Anoniem | Quando natus es
Anoniem | Germinavit
Gregoriaans | Prefatio (Responsoria)
Josquin Desprez | Missa Ave maris stellla—Sanctus
Gregoriaans | Pater noster
Josquin Desprez | Missa Ave maris stellla—Agnus Dei
Gregoriaans | communio: Ecce virgo
Josquin Desprez | motet: Missus est


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