Bosch Requiem 2020

November Music 2020 traditionally opens with Bosch Requiem in which the ideas of Jheronimus Bosch and Allerzielen form the basis of a new composition performed in a surprising total evening.

Life itself is puzzling enough, but the mystery of death raises many more question marks. When death knocks on the door, the dying process is surrounded by all kinds of mystical rituals. From the Tibetan Book of the Dead to the Catholic sacrament of the sick. The Korean Catholic Church has its own tradition: YeonDo. Before someone is buried, an enthusiastic group prayer takes place for the dead. Korean-Dutch composer Seung-Won Oh is fascinated by this unique death ritual that connects Korean burial traditions with the Catholic faith in Korea. During the YeonDo ritual, for example, the dead man resides in purgatory until the sins are forgiven and the heavens can begin. The spirit is prepared for his journey to a new world, including a ceremonial meal. In her requiem YeonDo, Seung-Won Oh gives a new, contemporary interpretation to this time-honored tradition.

The beautiful sacred space of the Jheronimus Bosch Art Center is the ideal setting for this new Bosch Requiem. The music of Seung-Won Oh has a great physical appearance in which musical action and sound ritual blend into each other. In her death mass there is a shining lead role for New European Ensemble, the singers of Cappella Pratensis and alto Helena Rasker who unleash a sizzling and timeless ritual. The direction is once again in the hands of Matzer Theatre productions. Conductor is like last year Manoj Kamps.

In collaboration with Music Building at 't IJ.

Seung-Won Oh – YeonDo *

* Composition assignment November Music

Cappella Pratensis & New European Ensemble conducted by Manoj Kamps
Helena Rasker – vocals


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