Concert ‘A Gift to Emanuel I of Portugal’. Evora, XX Festival Jornades ‘Escola de Música da Sé de Évora’

Evenement gegevens

From the Royal Manuscripts:
A Gift from Philip of the Fair to Emanuel I of Portugal
and the Musical Exchanges between Portugal and Flanders

In this programme Cappella Pratensis sings music from the beautiful manuscript MS 1783 from the Austrian National Library. The book was made in Flanders around 1500 in what would become the workshops of Petrus Alamire and was a gift from the Burgundian Duke Philip the Fair to King Emanuel I of Portugal and his wife Maria of Spain. It thus represents one of many artistic links between Flanders and the Iberian peninsula at the beginning of the 16th century. The Franco-Flemish repertoire from this manuscript will be complemented by the truly Portuguese repertoire of Pedro de Escobar, one of the “founders” of the Portuguese polyphonic school, who took the influences of such northern masters as Josquin Desprez and moulded them into a dramatic style with its own Portuguese flair.


Introitus – Salve Sancta Parens | Anon. early 16th c. Dutch
Missa Cum jocunditate – Kyrie | Pierre de la Rue ( c. 1450 – 1518)
Missa Cum jocunditate- Gloria | Pierre de la Rue
Graduale – benedica et venerabilis es |Chant
Alleluia – Ave Maria | Chant
Sequentia – Verbum bonum et suave |  Chant/ Anon. early 16th c. Dutch
Missa Cum jocunditate – Credo | Pierre de la Rue
Offertorium – motet – Sub tuum presidium | Anon.
Missa Cum jocunditate – Sanctus | Pierre de la Rue
With Elevation motet – O salutaris hostia | Anon.
Pater noster | Chant
Missa Cum jocunditate – Agnus Dei | Pierre de la Rue
Communio – Beata viscera  | Chant
Motet – Gaude Virgo | Pierre de la Rue
Motet – Fatigatus Jesus | Pedro de Escobar/Pedro do Porto(c. 1465 – after 1524)
Motet – Clamabat autem | Pedro de Escobar

Stratton Bull, Andrew Hallock superius
Lior Leibovici, Peter Van Heyghen contratenor
Iason Marmaras, Pieter De Moor tenor
Grantley McDonald, Pieter Stas bassus

 Stratton Bull conductor

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